Next Level of
Sales Compensation

Wir optimieren und individualisieren die Sales Motivation und Compensation, um die Leistung zu steigern.

Role-Specific Compensation Plans
and Incentives

Build as Many Compensation Plans as You Need for Your Different Sales Roles and Tailor Them to the Specific Sales Tasks.

Single Source of Truth for Sales Compensation Data

Have Your Sales Compensation Data Always Available for Full Transparency and the Best Motivation for Your Salespeople.

mocentiv Makes Sales Compensation Effective and Efficient

End-to-End Process
Easily connect your existing CRM and payroll or HRM system. They now are talking.

Guided Setup
We help and guide you to create better compensation plans. For the best performance.

Realtime Analytics
Be always informed about how your sales and incentives progress. To act proactively.

Gamified elements engage salespeople and boost performance.
Innovative Incentive Modules
Individualized and optimized plans drive performance. Exploit the potential.

Scenarios & Testing
Have as many scenarios as you like and test changes to your plans. With live results

How mocentiv Works

Connect Your Existing CRM Systems and Your HRM or Payroll System with Mocentiv.
Plug and Play. Easy and with Just Few Clicks.

Built for Your Entire Sales Team. And Finance. And HR.

mocentiv Makes Everyone’s Job Easier and Helps to Perform Even Better

Sales Manager
Chief Financial Officer
HR Manager

Manual Spreadsheet-based Sales
Compensation Does Not Work

Managing Your Sales Compensation in Spreadsheets and With Formula is Not Efficient, Does Not Scale, and Does Not Allow for Easy Changes and Adaptions.

Why mocentiv?

Plug & Play
Just connect your existing systems and start
with a new level of sales compensation
No code or formula needed to create and
analyze complex compensation plans

Privacy & Security First
We follow the highst security standards to
keep your sales data safe

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